ABOUT US - Athula Dassana Multi-Culturel Buddhist Community Centre

The Profile of the Head Monk of the Temple:

Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero who is a pupil of Ven.Borella Athula is the chief Incumbent of the Temple. He had been serving in a number of Buddhist temples in the UK since July 2004. He has earned a good name among the devotees for performing religious activities such as blessing by chanting pirith and conducting Bodhi Pooja. He was also engaged in spiritual and cultural programmes in Manchester for sometime on the invitation of the devotees living there.


The objectives are:

  1. Promote advancement of religious, cultural, social and educational needs of the Sri Lankan Community of all ethnicities living in the UK.
  2. Provide welfare, advice and other assistance to Sri Lankans as well as to all other ethnic groups irrespective of religion.
  3. Scholarships for poor and needy children in Sri Lanka through an educational sponsorship programme.